bernard photo L. Cosby Bernard Sr.
Famed Hammond architect

born 1890 in Junction City, Kentucky
died 1963 in Sylva, North Carolina

Brief Biography

Mr. L. Cosby Bernard Sr. was born in the small town of Junction City, KY in 1890 and spent most of his formative years in Dayton , OH. As a youngster he was deeply interested in the art of drawing, so his parents sent him off to school at the Cincinnati Institute of Art. This was where he discovered his love for architecture.

L. Cosby Bernard then attended the University of Illinois and graduated from the School of Architecture in 1913, upon graduating he worked for a university architect for a brief period of time. From there he shuffled around working in Dayton, OH, Indianapolis, IN and then in Michigan City, IN, where he established an architectural firm in 1924. In 1927 he moved to Hammond, IN where he lived until his retirement in 1953.

In 1914 he wed Hazel Derrough of Champaign, IL, who passed away in 1953. Upon his wife's death he moved to Sarasota, FL, and married Elizabeth Snyder of Sarasota, FL. It was then in 1963, when he and his second wife were spending the summer in the mountains of North Carolina where he suffered a heart attack and died. He was 73 years old.

His Work

Oddly enough L. Cosby Bernard was best known as a designer of prisons in Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. His architectural firm was in charge of all the penal work in the state of Indiana since 1938. But locally Mr. Bernard is best known as "The Designer of Forest Avenue". His many stately mansions and posh residences grace this area of the city, including his own personal residence, located at 7241 Forest Avenue.

lion detail main entry living room
L. Cosby Bernard Sr. residence- lion detail, main entry, living room.

Mr. Bernard's personal favorite architectural style was the English Tudor, this was the style he choose for his own home and many of the ones that he designed. Mr. Bernard's talents were not limited to houses, he also designed many public and civic buildings as well: The Hammond Civic Center, Woodmar Country Club, Three branches of the Hammond Public Library, and the Delaney Print Shop to name a few.

Some consider L. Cosby Bernard Sr., an architect far ahead of his time. He designed many of his homes with such features as Master Suites, with adjoining Master Baths and large walk-in closets, attached garages just off of the kitchen. These features are all quite common place now a days, some sixty years in the future.

lighting detail main entry garage guest bedroom
L. Cosby Bernard Sr. residence- lighting detail, main entry, garage, guest bedroom.

The noted Hammond architect paid close attention to detail. His own home located on a corner lot in the Forest-Ivanhoe Historical District of the city is a prime example. Beautiful pegged oak floors cover the living room and dining room areas and are topped off with a unique trayed ceiling. Decorative stained glass window inserts can be found scattered throughout the house. Most of the windows of the house are of leaded glass and the sills of the windows made of marble.

Although his home is now over sixty-five years old, it has been well cared for and updated by it's two previous owners. Now it's an irreplaceable part of Hammond's history.

Other Hammond homes designed by L. Cosby Bernard Sr. are located at:
|| 6607 Forest Avenue || 6608 Forest Avenue || 6630 Forest Avenue ||
|| 7044 Forest Avenue || 7126 Forest Avenue || 7127 Forest Avenue ||
|| 7220 Forest Avenue || 7240 Forest Avenue || 7306 Forest Avenue || 7326 Forest Avenue ||
|| 49 Indi-Illi Parkway || 6706 Hohman Avenue || 7042 Woodmar Avenue || 47-173rd Street ||

Special Note: L. Cosby Bernard Sr. photo at the top of this page obtained from the Hammond Historical Society.